Spreading Good In The Philippines

As I was scrolling through my Facebook Feed, a post by Girlieh Mae Barit caught my eye:

"Woke up yesterday and felt like feeding a village in the Philippines. I searched for a way to gift @jollibee & @redribbonbakeshop from US to Pesos. A dollar can go a long way for someone else. You can do good from afar.

I recall walking the streets of Laoag & Vigan. A 7 year old was carrying a baby with holes and dirt on their clothes while walking barefoot. There were more of them sitting at the steps of a church.

They came across individuals begging for spare change. I went to a little shop nearby and offered them food and clothing. Memory stuck with me for life.
Can’t wait to be back to be with the locals and work on a mission for a better water system, clinic, and education for the kiddos.

Coordinating is tough in different time zones. Thank you John Leigh Juan Retamel for delivering! HBD nana!"

I thought this was super cool, especially because I know the impact of spreading good in the Philippines, so I reached out to Girlieh and asked her these 3 questions.
1. What inspired you to do what you did yesterday? Easter is a time to reflect on humility and to love beyond one’s self. I recently returned back to faith and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. It made me realize that love does truly conquer all and that a simple act of kindness goes a long way.

2. Is there a certain reason you chose to spread good for those in the Philippines? I grew up in an immigrant household and going to certain parts of the Philippines and living like the locals it was where I first encountered the stories of my family in person. I’ve witnessed the hardships first hand through the community.

3. How can people help you spread more good?
Near or far we can all be better people by being considerate, respectful, and kind. We are all from different walks in life and we may not know our internal battle or struggles. What I’ve learned while I am suffering from an illness is to smile through it all. Within pain and suffering there is truly compassion & authenticity. 
I am really inspired by Girlieh's passion for spreading good, all while going through current hardships herself. Her outlook and acts of kindness are a true example of what spread good is all about. Keep spreading good Girlieh!
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Written By Brodi Nicholas
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