Meet Walter Rivera

Walter Rivera grew up in a small rural town in Chihuahua, Mexico. At 16 he moved to the United States and started going to high school where he learned English and discovered his love for filmmaking. He decided to pursue higher education at CSULB and he majored in Film and Electronic arts and also made long lasting friendships.

After university he struggled to find his place in the film industry but after hard work and good friends he ended up getting a job at Hallmark’s Channel “Home & Family”.  He started working as a Production Assistant but because of his hard work and persistence he quickly rose up to become Cue Card Coordinator and then Teleprompter Operator.


Having a steady job and money in his pocket, he continued making short films and other projects with friends, on the side. Walter also continued to pursue his passion as a camera operator. He was never limited to just that position he also performed several different jobs within the industry like gaffer, grip, editor etc.

He also started to develop a passion for nature and landscape photography and because of this he decided to visit some parts of the world, he went to places like Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal and also went on his first solo trip to Iceland. All this while documenting the landscapes with his camera.

During his time at Home & Family, where he worked with Saul who he met at CSULB, he met Brodi Nicholas, Founder of Campaign One At A Time (OAAT). Brodi, Saul and Walter became instant friends and in 2019 they joined forces and became part of The Spread Good Squad. Hungry to shoot meaningful content, Walter finally had a medium where he could follow his passion as a camera operator while telling meaningful and heartwarming stories, thanks to the smiles that OAAT provided for children and their families. After months of hard work The Spread Good Squad created and completed their first season. 

Intrigued and motivated to tell stories, Walter is helping the Spread Good Squad expand and evolve their vision by providing the skills that he has developed with his years of experience in the industry.

Follow Walter and his journey with the Spread Good Squad!

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