Meet Saul Cervantes

Saúl Cervantes started his Television and Film career right after graduating California State University, Long Beach where he majored in Film & Electric Arts with an emphasis on Cinematography while minoring in Creative Writing. 

After graduating University, he began traveling around the country working on several docuseries for the Travel Channel as an Assistant/ Backup Cameraman. During this time he learned a great deal about writing, shooting, and editing docuseries from his colleagues. His education on Cinematography and the knowledge he gained from working with different Cinematographers on these shows helped him move up in the ranks. Soon he started shooting episodes as a Director of Photography.


Feeling homesick and wanting to feed his passion for helping people, Saúl took a position as a Teaching Artist at a program supported by nonprofits, Crossroads and Tribeca Film institute. There, he taught film to at-risk youth after school around Los Angeles’ low income communities. The director of the organization, Crossroads, saw his commitment for the cause and filmmaking skills as a valuable asset and together they made several PSAs, short documentaries, and promos for several organizations.  Through Crossroads, Saúl was given the opportunity to travel to Guatemala where he met with children from impoverished communities to lecture them on the power of storytelling and filmmaking. 

After a few years he moved on to The Home & Family Show on The Hallmark Channel. There, Saúl met Brodi Nicholas, Founder of Campaign One At A Time (OAAT). Wanting to be part of his cause, Saúl used his field shooting skills and together they started traveling around the country documenting the joy and hope OAAT brought to the children facing childhood cancer. Together, they helped spread the stories of families in different backgrounds and communities fighting the same struggle. 

Saúl joined The Spread Good Squad because he knows how important it is to tell the story of strength and determination. In a world where content is gold and quantity is more valuable than quality, stories are taking a backseat to fads and social media challenges. Saúl hopes that by sharing these moments that The Spread Good Squad capture, people will start noticing and realize that Spreading Good is more than just putting a filter on your Social Media Page followed by a “#SupportTheCause.” Spreading Good demands action, not money or resources. It doesn’t take much to make someone laugh, smile, and feel like they matter, all core aspects of Spreading Good. All it takes is empathy and a small act of kindness to help make the world a better place. 

Traveling and telling stories has been something Saúl has enjoyed doing for a decade. Besides traveling for his career, he has taken this passion into his personal life, backpacking throughout Europe, South America, and Central America. 

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