Meet Brodi Nicholas - The start of the Spread Good Squad!

Brodi Nicholas is most known as the founder and CEO of Campaign One At A Time; a 501(c)3 nonprofit on a mission to ensure no child battling a severe illness ever feels alone. Brodi founded the organization in the summer of 2014, when his next door neighbor Sam was diagnosed with leukemia. At the time, Brodi was a full time musician and saw an opportunity to leverage his music career to provide Sam with some joy and support. Brodi and his friends would sell handmade wooden bracelets at his shows, and the proceeds from the bracelets would go towards helping fulfill a few of Sam's dreams.

By witnessing the direct impact they had on Sam's life, Brodi and his friends decided to sponsor another child, and another child, and another child, and slowly, but surely this passion project became what many know of today as Campaign One At A Time. 

While building Campaign One At A Time, Brodi has stayed busy creatively, collaborating with other content creators to spread good, and has enjoyed the process of documenting the journey. 

Brodi came up with The Spread Good Squad when he realized there weren't any shows in mainstream television about a guy or a team of people who travel the world and help people. After shooting season one, which revolved around his work with Campaign One At A Time, he realized there were so many other people and organizations around the world that also spread good in their own way, who should be spotlighted. Brodi looks forward to making more memories and spreading more good in this season of The Spread Good Squad.


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