The Sanchez / Rodriguez Family of 4 were returning home to Las Vegas from a weekend Family Camping Trip on Sunday May 2nd. While on Interstate 215 just outside of San Diego, CA, their vehicle was involved in a multiple car collision caused by a driver who was under the influence/DUI (the driver was detained and released on bail Tuesday morning). All family members (mom, dad and 2 children - 4 and 6 years old) were life flighted to a nearby hospital.

Mom, dad and brother are stable and have since been cleared and discharged, but unfortunately their oldest son, Ian (6 years old) suffered a critical brain laceration and stroke. He immediately underwent an emergency surgery, but unfortunately the doctors were unsuccessful and unable to control the brain hemorrhage. Ian was later transferred to SD Childrens’s hospital. Despite his medical team doing everything possible to save him, the injuries he had endured were far too severe and his body physically could not overcome the trauma.

Ian will be "Gifting Life" to two Children; one with a heart, and another receiving his intestines, liver, and pancreas which his medical team has explained is rare, but "We know this is Ian moving mountains like he always did. As much as our hearts are breaking we know Ian's life will live on through this act of kindness," Ian's family shares. 

On May 10th, Ian's Mom received a call from Life Share and they were informed Ian is continuing to save lives. The child receiving the 3 organs is an 8-year-old girl and the one getting Ian's heart is a 6-year-old boy. One of his kidneys is also going to research while the other will go on to save a mother of three.

Please send as much love and supportas possible to this beautiful family during this difficult time. We have launched a limited edition t-shirt for Ian to help raise funds for his family. They will be available for purchase until May 23rd, and will ship out to all supporters the following week. You can purchase yours here.

You can also visit the families GoFundMe for daily updates and another opportunity to support them. Thank you all for reading. Let's keep spreading good, and let's always #LoveLikeIan ❤️

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