Chloe Callaway is an 11 year old from Moseley, VA.

Chloe was diagnosed with a rare and complex disease of the lymphatic system. When she became very ill, she was hospitalized locally until a team was willing to intervene to attempt to save her life. After being turned away due to her complexity by two Children’s hospitals, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was willing to help her.

Over the past two years, Chloe has been hospitalized over 300 days. She has had over 30 procedures in the last year alone.

Chloe used to spend her days as a competitive cheerleader doing back hand springs and put in stunts, and now her days are sitting in a hospital bed. She loves art and making tiktoks. During her time at the hospital, she designed this hoodie with her favorite saying.


Spread Good Squad sold this hoodie for her with all of the proceeds going to her family.

Because of the amazing support Chloe received, we were able to raise over $3000 for her and her family!


The Spread Good Squad got to meet Chloe during her recent trip to Disneyland, thanks to Campaign One At A Time.

Chloe is a joy to be around and an inspiration for us to continue to Spread Good!


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Buying a sweatshirt with love from Brenning and family.

Mark Greenfield

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