Foster Kids Matter

Davon Woods and his twin brother Tavon Woods are walking the extra mile for our kids in the foster care system. 

A few weeks ago Davon and Tavon Woods walked from Georgia to Florida, completing 90+ miles in 4.5 days. After that, they did 20 miles in South Carolina.

"Our goal is to reach every state before the end of the year."

On July 21 & 22 they are completing their walk in Columbus, Ohio, where they will be doing a total of 20 miles.

Davon tells us about his story:

"Me and Tavon got taken away from our biological family at birth due to our biological mom using drugs while pregnant with us so we got taken out of the hospital. We got placed into foster care at birth and we got adopted at the age of 2 years old. Sometimes, when people hear adoption they think it’s sunshine and rainbows but it was rain and clouds for us. We experienced a lot, not being told “I love you” and not being shown any affection growing up for us was very hard. We went 17 years not knowing anything about ourselves or our family. It was very hard because we had so many questions that were left unanswered. I tried to commit suicide several times because I felt like I was unwanted. Even when we met our biological family it wasn’t what we expected and even though we know our biological family now they barely even talk to us or anything.

But me and my brother are fighting to let the world know that foster kids matter. Our goal is to open up transitional housing for kids aging out of foster care. And we also want to open the biggest facility for kids that are currently in the foster care system."

"It’s important for us to spread good because every child in the foster care system deserves a chance to be a child. So many kids have nobody fighting for them. So that’s why we’re walking the extra mile for every child in the foster care system. We just want people all around the world to support our mission because we’re stronger together than alone."

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