Dominic Johnson is the true definition of a Spread Good Squad member. From volunteering and donating to charities, to launching custom clothing benefitting Campaign One At A Time, Dominic is a real one! I got a chance to ask Dom a few questions about why he spreads good.

What inspired the creation of the shirt?

The inspiration for this shirt was just the willingness to create something and share it with others. My brother, Dante, is the person that originally took a picture of me and sketched a cartoon image of the photo. I asked some friends if they would wear a shirt with my picture on it (jokingly), and a bunch of them were on board. The goal wasn’t to make a profit from my friends, so I decided to coordinate with Brodi and create a way to sell them for a cause with much more importance.

What makes you want to spread good?

The reason I want to help spread good is the need to make an impact where I am capable of doing so. I am a huge advocate of people using their strengths to provide ways to help create happiness for themselves and the people around them. As much as I love just having fun and promoting goofy pictures and videos of myself on social media, it’s only truly fulfilling if the outcome is for something much bigger than myself.  

Why are you donating all the proceeds to Campaign One At A Time?

Over the years of following Campaign One At A Time, I’ve seen so many stories of kids that deserve really great things. The organization has been doing great work and being able to provide any help at all is immensely gratifying. I’m just happy that Campaign OAAT is allowing me the opportunity to make a positive impact. 

Last year, Dom was able to raise $1,000 for Campaign One At A Time, and is looking to double his impact this year for childhood cancer awareness month! Be sure to snag one of Dom's limited edition tees by clicking here and be sure to follow Dom on instagram @domsauce for your daily dose of humor, lifestyle, and a fun filled life perspective!

Written By Brodi Nicholas



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