Chemo Kits

"My name is Jessi and I’m a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor.

In a healthcare system that sees so many patients on a daily basis, I was one of the unfortunate patients that fell through the cracks. I was misdiagnosed for over 2 years by almost 10 different physicians until I found out in 2016 that I had cancer metastasized to every organ in my body.

I was also one of the lucky ones that was able to survive and be here today to share my story. 

 After my battle with cancer that I wasn’t too sure that I would make it through, I started Chemo Kits. I swore there had to be some reason why I made it out on the other side alive, because so many of my friends and even family members unfortunately didn’t. So Chemo Kits for me, was the answer. Chemotherapy and Radiation were grueling and I would often receive gifts from family members and friends. I would always be so excited to check my mailbox, but the unfortunate part was that I usually would receive flowers. I ended up having to throw them away because I was neutropenic and my white blood cell count was extremely low. I eventually created custom care packages for anyone battling cancer world wide, because it’s such an awkward subject and no one really knows what an appropriate gift to give is. 



My hobby of doing this on my free time and sending them to fellow social media cancer fighters essentially turned into a company. This is how I spread good. This little gift box is more than a care package. It was developed by someone that at one point was told that they would have to go to hospice. My little packages don’t just brighten up a cancer fighter’s day, but they are a sign of hope. Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that hope is the only thing stronger than fear and that my story could potentially be someone else’s sign of hope. 

More information about my chemo kits can we found on my website and if you would like to spread good, there is a donation option where we will donate a kit to an adult or child that is currently battling cancer. "


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