Art Heals Project

Sonja Diehl is the founder of Art Heals Project.

Sonja spreads so much good everyday and we want to share her mission with everyone.

"Art Heals Project is something that I started about 3 years ago when I was going through some difficult times, and I was thinking to myself, if I'm feeling this way, what can I do for someone to make them feel better?"

"So I'm an art teacher and I'm also an artist and I love to paint. My thought was if I can paint for children that are sick or struggling with their health and totally need a little sunshine to brighten their day, why wouldn't I do that?"

"So I started to create paintings for children that primarily have cancer and I just feel like they need a little bit of joy and sparkle in their life because they're going through so much."

"I write a little card in a note with every painting and make it as personal as possible and decorate the outside of the package and I let them know this is a one-of-a-kind painting. There is one in the world and it is made especially for them because they are so amazing and deserve it."

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